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The Brand

1ER MAI creates graphic and functional clothes for women, men and unisex. Inspired by workwear and counterculture, our garments are designed and made-to-order in our atelier, in Montreal.

Upcycled jeans patchwork detail

Circular Fashion

Crafted from local, recycled or deadstock fabrics.

1ER MAI uses upcycling to transform discarded clothes into new garments, avoiding them to become waste. Secondhand clothes are picked from local thrift shops and washed before cutting and assembling. 


We also source deadstock and leftover fabrics from local designers and manufacturers, and we recycle fabrics from past collections and textiles accumulated from trips to various countries.

We occasionally buy new fabrics, and when we do, we carefully select the best qualities and prints from local suppliers, contributing to Montreal's fashion industry.

Craft Based

We value ancestral crafts and techniques. 

Preservation of savoir-faire is essential for 1ER MAI, and our clothes include a variety of ancestral crafts such as weaving, macrame, embroidery and patchwork. 

Weaving process with upcycled materials
Upcycled jeans fabric creation process

Slow Fashion

Locally produced in small quantities.

Every garment is designed, hand cut and sewn in our atelier with high quality standards, ensuring a durable and long-lasting garment. In a slow fashion approach, 1ER MAI creates made-to-order pieces, which means the manufacturing process only starts once a customer order is confirmed. This allows customization while avoiding waste and overproduction.

Slow fashion
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